San Antonio

Amber already made a wonderful post about our trip to San Antonio, so I’ll just fill in some gaps.

Three of us arrived early enough to seek out BBQ on Thursday evening.  Yum!

I got to see David Crockett’s rifle (they referred to him as David and not Davy in the literature) and James Bowie’s knife (the guy who made the Bowie knife popular).  Both died in the battle of the Alamo.

I tried out a “Dulce de Naranja”.  Its an orange that has been marinating in sugar.  You can eat the peel and all.

My favorite part was the San Antonio Rodeo.  Mutton Bustin’ is always fun to watch.

We stayed for some of the Lee Brice concert following the Rodeo.

I picked up a cute set of cowgirl boots at the Rodeo for my souvenir.

Here’s a panorama of Mission San Jose.

And night shots of the River Walk and our hotel.

Newest niece

December Drama

Drama isn’t always bad.

Decided a proper vacation was in order.  We flew to Miami and went on a cruise in the Eastern Caribbean.  I was instantly thrilled with the heat and humidity.  I also greatly appreciated avoiding the Caesar Blizzard that dumped 10.5″ of snow in Bloomington.  We were extra lucky in leaving a couple of days early as 120 flights out of MSP ended up being cancelled.  I had intended to add a bunch of photos to this post but Kris did such a nice job with the photos already that I’ll just link to them here.

Mom retired.  Party forthcoming.

I am an aunt again.  Carli June is beautiful and healthy… and has the best birth story I have ever heard.  Her arrival coincided nicely with our travels home for the holidays and we got to meet and hold her when she was only 3 days old!

I am once again not on speaking terms with my vehicle.  On our long trek back to South Dakota we stopped at Kelly’s Korner in Sacred Heart at 4:30 pm on Sunday to get some snacks.  Kris got back in the car and turned the key.  Nothing.  Ok… there was something…. a whole bunch of clicking noises inside the vehicle that would stop and start randomly.  Another couple that we parked next to happened to also be having car trouble so they tried to jump us.  No luck.  To our surprise, our insurance with State Farm covers towing within a 10 mile radius.  We shelled out the extra $2.50 to be towed one extra mile (11 miles total) to Granite Falls and dumped my SUV off at Lee’s Auto and Diesel.  Spent the night at the hotel in the casino there and patiently waited for the diagnosis on Christmas Eve morning.  As it turned out, the battery shorted out inside of the battery.  They tried charging the old battery but it was toast.  Put a new battery in and it was just fine.  They tested the alternator and it was fine as well.  We were back on the road at noon.  I need to repay some road karma because of all the great people who helped us get the issue resolved quickly (insurance company, convenience store clerk, random couple who tried to jump start us, a random guy who lived nearby and tried to take a look at the car, a third random person who noticed our hood was up and stopped in the convenience store to try and help, my brother for figuring out a spot to tow the car to, tow truck driver who dropped us off at the casino, and auto shop people for their fast diagnosis on a holiday).  Note to all my loyal readers:  If you have a battery greater than four years old, replace it.  Also check and see if towing is covered under your car insurance plan.

My bad luck with vehicles must be contagious because Marty’s SUV also had a dead battery at the hospital when he was ready to take Carli home.  Yesterday, mom got rear ended on her way to my house for Christmas.  Thankfully there was no damage.

December 2012 will not be forgotten.

Fall 2012

We’ve been tooling all over Minnesota and South Dakota this fall.  A recap in photos…

Maplewood State Park

Grandma Setnes’ 91st birthday

Trip to see Grandma Zulk and all our cousins


The author

Ron G – Greatest hits

In keeping with my recent tradition of getting books signed by my favorite bloggers, I introduce you to Ron Gerber – Greatest Hits Volume 1.  I am not finished with it yet, but I am thoroughly enjoying it… and I’m even mentioned in it which makes it all that much more personal.

Had a group of friends over for the season opener of the Vikings game and held an impromptu signing during halftime.

Well done Dr. Ron.


In Reverse

Going with a Benjamin Button blog post today.

Sign that cracked me up while walking around Normandale Lake on 8/21/2012.  They put a chalkboard in the park for folks to write on.

08/10/2012 – I met the Bloggess.  Barnes and Noble struggled with the vast amount of people that showed up to her book signing.  An employee told me that you normally have no trouble sitting down in a chair at their book signings.  They had set out about 100 of them.  Somewhere between 350-400 people showed up.


07/30/2012 – A sad day.  Our very last package of Spilde beef.  I can’t cope.


7/8/2012 – Took cousin Steven kayaking and then to the Franconia sculpture garden.  So excited he’s moving here for school this weekend!